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Welldercia is specialized in making high performance bushes, sleeves, and bearings. These parts are used in textile machines, motors, engines, automobiles, bicycle, OA, and electronics etc. Because our products have outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, they are ideal for working under harsh environments. They also help to extend machine life, reduce downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Advantages of using Welldercia bushes, sleeves and bearings:

High mechanical strength and toughness
Low coefficient of friction
High rigidity
Light weight
Impact resistance
Good dimension stability
Self-lubricating properties

Resistant to most oil and lubricants
Can withstand high P(load) V(speed) conditions.
High temperature resistance
Less abrasive toward mating surface.

All parts are carefully produced with the highest quality




What we offer:

We supply a wide range of bushes, sleeves and bearings of various specifications. We also tailor made bushes if special specifications are required.

Our products can be manufactured to suit your applications and working conditions and help you reduce costs and add value to your products or production process. If you are interested in purchasing or replacing your current bushes, sleeves or bearing, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or our enquiry system.




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