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Textile machine parts 

Textile industry has always been a dynamic and versatile sector of the economy and it is important to retain production reliability and productivity in this fast moving sector.

Wellderica is a specialist in producing textile machine parts for all commonly used brands of textile machineries (e.g. Tsudakoma, Toyota, and Nissan etc). Our parts are designed with enhanced durability which allow them to perform better and for a longer period of operating time to further advance your production reliability and efficiency

The parts we supply include:

  • Bushes
  • U-Bushes
  • U-sleeves
  • Bearings
  • Solenoid valve bushes
  • Thrust bearing

  • Check valves
  • Gas control valves
  • Chain sliders
  • Chain pulley
  • Chain sleeves

  • Reserve yarn needle gasket

  • Bearing cap
  • Shock absorber cap
  • Sealing Rings  
  • and other textile machinery parts

Advantages of using Welldercia's textile machine parts:

  • Wear resistance: extending parts life and reducing maintenance costs and manufacturing down time
  • Excellent self-lubricating properties
  • High tensile strength and impact strength
  • Resistant to a wide range of lubricants and oils
  • Superior resistance to most chemical corrosions
  • High temperature resistance
  • Can withstand high P(load) , V(velocity) conditions


What we offer:

We supply all parts listed above and their dimensions can be customised to suit your specific needs or working conditions. In addition, we also accept requests for custom made special parts to bring you more value adding.

All our products are produced with the highest quality and they are carefully checked by our QC system before they reach your hands. If you are interested in purchasing our textile machine parts or thinking about replacing the parts you are currently using, please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail or our enquiry system.





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